We Help Build Great Boards (and CEO’s)

In today’s world, more than ever before, Boards face incredibly challenging and deeply complex issues.  The make-up of the Board and the synergy of its members are paramount to the success of their ability to make effective decisions – whether it be the review of the CEO’s performance, assessing organizational effectiveness, strategic planning and goal setting, or any other of the unlimited number of issues and challenges Boards face on a daily basis.

At Anthem Executive, we recognize the need of a Board to have a “trusted partner” to assists and advise on matters such as recruitment and retention, increasing the diversity of the Board (be it demographic, experiential or cognitive), benchmarking, strategic alignment, and providing executive assessment of board members and CEO’s.

The combination of a powerful Board and CEO is a power to be reckoned with. 

We partner closely with Boards to understand their strategy, their mission, and their goals. We assist in evaluating their standing among key competitors, and compare that to where they want to be at strategic points in the future. We assist in evaluating their effectiveness, then strategically plan with them to fill in the blanks.  We also assist in looking at Board, CEO and key executive session planning in order to continue the momentum of the board and the enterprise well into the future.

We design and run board retreats to focus not only on the issues stated above, but to also to increase the opportunity/probability of maintaining the competitive advantage the Board is seeking.  A well prepared and positioned board clearly has a distinct advantage among their competitors.

Ultimately, the Board is only as good as the skills and abilities of its members, in concert with the strengths of the CEO and the organization.  We understand that the combination of a powerful Board and CEO focused on the same vision and objectives is a power to be reckoned with.  As such, we consult and facilitate with the Board and the CEO to build, improve on and/or refine their relationship.

We work with boards to strengthen their value and effectiveness like a master metalsmith refines a precious piece of gold.

Our message to you… Our consultants and subject matter experts bring a wealth of first-hand experience across all business/industry sectors, and are able to assist in development of innovative solutions to complex issues.  We are “trusted partners” who understand your complexities and will work with you to stretch the boundaries and expand outside of your own boarders.