At Anthem Executive, we take a team approach to our searches.  You do not just get a primary search consultant or two assigned to your search, you get the benefit of our entire team of executive search professionals at your service who serve in the background to ensure that your search receives the attention it deserves.

We approach this issue differently. Think of your search as an international commercial flight. The reason that there are at least two and on some transoceanic flights, four flight officers is to ensure safety and continuity throughout the journey. Any one of these aviators can fly the aircraft and land it safely. So too with our team. Once your search journey is underway, there will always be two, and more often than not, three in the cockpit. That will ensure a safe trip with minimal turbulence that gets the you to the destination smoothly and on time.

Additionally, we will not change the team as some firms do. We are all there from takeoff to landing.