Anthem Executive was formed in order to offer a new and exciting search perspective to our clients. Continuing a mulit-decade tradition of our founders’ service to clients across a cadre of business sectors, including higher education, health sciences, corporate and non-profit institutions, global software and technology, private equity, insurance, service and manufacturing, oil and gas, and others, the formalization of Anthem Executive was both timely and appropriate in order to better meet the needs of our clients.

The team we bring consists of consultants with a combined 80 years experience in the search industry. This means of course that there is not much that surprises us… but there’s an awful lot that excites us about the search industry.

Our Higher Education Practice successes span the entire leadership spectrum in higher education. Multiple Chancellor engagements in complex environments that include academic medicine components. President searches for well established, emerging and struggling institutions. Provosts, Deans, and Department Chairs too. Plus, the compendium of executive administration roles at both system and institution levels. We have led multiple national searches at the Chancellor, President, VP, Provost and Dean levels on behalf of some of the nation’s largest and most successful university and community college systems. A columnist, who has written about academic affairs and executive search for The Chronicle of Higher Education for over 20 years, calls  us “the most effective search firm in higher education search today.”

Outside of higher education, our successes span the entire leadership spectrum from CEO and other C-Suite leaders, Board Directors, VP and Director, and others.  Areas of expertise include IT, Marketing, Finance, Regulatory and Compliance, Human Resources, Sales, Operations, Security, Environmental Health and Safety, Construction, and more.

If a client has need, we are qualified and ready to meet it through our full spectrum of services.