It’s difficult to deliver a diverse candidate slate of qualified candidates. However, we do. Simply including candidates from various underrepresented groups to “hit” a number is a disingenuous and unfair practice in which we do not participate. It’s unfair to you and to the candidate(s) to include those who have little to no chance at being viewed as viable for the role just to be able to say… “we provided a diverse slate.” The way we ensure a diverse candidate mix is to be intentional about targeting diversity candidates who have had successes in their previous and current roles and who do fit the phenotype profile we seek on your behalf. We are expert at generating candidate curiosity about an opportunity and consequently we are able to engage with those who are happy, hitting their objectives and under no dark clouds in their current role. These are the diversity candidates you will see from Anthem Executive.

On every search engagement, Anthem Executive demonstrates a good faith effort to reach out to qualified minorities, women, individuals with disabilities, and veterans by proactively diversifying our candidate pools and conducting the recruitment process in a consistent and equitable manner designed to help our clients build an inclusive work culture and environment. Our entire firm is focused on this effort.

Our team includes ethnic/gender diversity and mulit-industry cross-pollination of experience, 63% of our searches result in placement of females and/or people of color. This number rises to 68% for some roles.

Additionally, the firm’s co-founder, Michael Ballew (registered Native American by heritage) is a former HR executive and Diversity Officer, and works with our client organizations, as requested, to ensure that all of the client’s regulatory needs and requirements are being followed. His background includes direct, hands-on experience working with OFCCP, EEOC, OSHA, etc. As the firm’s resident expert, he has worked with numerous Colleges, Universities, Federal Contractors and other organizations with both customary and unique compliance policies/requirements.

We understand that the national inventory of diversity candidates is small. We know you do too. Consequently, it is essential to have unbridled access to this population. Our Portfolio Approach allows us to access these candidates at elevated levels that other firms simply cannot.